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A Vehicle Data & Information Check is a full provenance vehicle history check with all the data we hold about that vehicle shown. No additional purchases, no hidden fees - just the full history. To find out more about a VDI Check® and why we believe it sets a new benchmark when compared to other market brands click the button below to register.

All data for only £1.69 per check.

*New EV Data

Enhanced Electric Vehicle Data

All new VDI Check® trade reports now include detailed information for EV/Electric Vehicles. Our data for electric vehicles now includes comprehensive and detailed information including:

  • Range & Efficiency
  • Batteries, Ports & Motors
  • Over the Air Upgrade details
  • Charging details

One Trade Account

...with multiple user accounts

Create a single Trade account, then add multiple users from your organisation within your account.

Each sub-account can have their own login details and permissions. From creating new VDI Checks to adding credits to your account.

We've made it incredibly easy to manage all of your in-house users.

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Our Report

Your Brand

As a trade account holder you get:

  • Your logo on every report

    Every report carries your company logo in it's header and your logo is in all email reports sent to your customers too.

  • Your company colours

    Brand the VDI Check® report with your own company colours with our easy to use interface. Change the colours at any time.

  • Custom Reports

    Choose To Show/Hide the Valuation data, VIN, V5C and your Notes from any report.

  • Company information

    Add your own company information such as, Name, Address, Contact numbers, Company number and Social media links.

Visual Branded Reports

Impress your customers with full company branding. Everything from the logo, report details and email services can be customised and changed at any time from within your control panel. We retain a small 'powered by VDI Check® trademark at the bottom or each report but that can be removed too by negotiation.

Accurate, up to date

vehicle check data

VDI Check® trade delivers Vehicle History Check Data to the trade, accurately and quickly at a price we believe is fair. Utilising our industry relationships and cutting edge API technology we are able to deliver some of the highest quality data in the market at a fraction of the retail price.

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Industry leading price

and performance

As a small to medium Car trader you are able to take advantage of our Data buying power and get full vehicle history checks for £1.69.

How often is

VDI Check

Data updated?

Our trade car check platorm allows you to search your VDI Check® report history quickly and easily, download a summary in bulk right into Microsoft Excel or a CSV. Search your checks by partial VRM, make or model, sort by any field and have quick access to major warnings such as Outstanding Finance, Writeoff, Stolen, Mileage and more.

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PDF report

send directly to your customers

Send a beautifully formatted PDF version of your fully branded VDI Check® directly to your customers. Simply setup your company branding in your VDI Check® Trade admin area. Upload your company logo, assign your company colours and contact details. These details will now show on your VDI Check® Reports - both on-screen and on the PDF version of the reports.

For each report you email to customers, you can also choose what to show and hide on each report.